BBA Full Form

By | April 11, 2017

BBA Full Form is Bachelor’s of Business Administration there are various different full forms for the letters BBA. However out of all of these the most popular one is no doubt the bachelor’s degree called the Bachelor of Business Administration. This is a three years’ duration degree course that covers business administration. After completing this course the graduated students can pursue the MBA program.

This is another educational program that is of two years duration. This masters’ program on business administration enables a person to open a business. He can also get employed in a firm as a business manager. So in order to get into this the most important educational degree is to complete the BBA expanded as the Bachelor of Business Administration.

BBA Full Form


BBA Full Form

As we know that Bachelor’s of Business Administration is BBA Full Form(BBA) Let us know something more . In order to get eligible for this course the person should have passed out of the 12th Standard. This could be even in other educational equivalents such as higher secondary or Class 12 from a recognized Academic Board.

However one good thing about pursuing such a degree is that the scholar who opts for the BBA does not require being from a specific field. He could come from the MPC (Maths, Physics, and Chemistry) background, or the BiPC (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry) background or even the CEC (Commerce, Economics, Political Science/ Civics) background.

BBA Eligibility Criteria

Having covered what the BBA stands for, its duration as well as its eligibility, there is great scope once a person takes up this field of education. A good leader can take on the activities and operations for any business. They require certain skills like leadership skills and business administration.

They must be able to handle the day today activities and lead the business on to achieve its goals. They should be able to write business projects, business goals and visions that have to be achieved. For all this the person should be a prospective candidate. Hence taking up a pre-masters program in business studies or business administration is highly recommended.

Full form of BBA

BBA Curriculum

Of course you have to complete the course from recognized universities and colleges with good teaching faculty. Check out the good colleges offering this course and then select the best possible fee accordingly. Moreover this three years degree course has got a total of six semesters. In Semester –I the curricula is English, Essentials of management, IT, Introduction to Business and Principles of Accounting. In Semester –II, subjects covered are Marketing Management, Business Mathematics, Business Communication, Financial Management and finally Production & Operations Management.

The next Semester -III respectively consists of Business Environment, Managerial Economics, Organizational Behavior, Financial Accounting and International Business. The Semester –IV syllabi is Cost & Management Accounting, Human Resource Management, Management Information System, Risk Management & Insurance, and finally Business Ethics & Legal Environment. Semester –V includes Research Methodology, Economic Analysis, Strategic Management, Banking Practice & Management and finally Logistic & Materials Management.

Verdict on Full form of BBA

The last Semester –VI includes one specialization which the candidate opts for. So this would be either Finance OR Marketing. The others include Auditing, Entrepreneurship Development and the Optical Base Networking.

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