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SSC Full Form

SSC full form in education concept you can get from this post. SSC is a term that is familiar and common to most students who have studied through this syllabus. If expanded the term means ‘Secondary School Certificate.’ In simple terms this means that those who have undergone this examination are certified to have completed their… Read More »

TDS Full Form/ Tax Deducted at Source

The most popular full form for the short abbreviation called TDS Full Form Tax Deducted at Source. Now, you must be wondering what is meant by Tax Deducted at Source or TDS. This is a method of collection of Income Tax in India. This is under the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961. Under this… Read More »

Computer Full Form

Computer Full Form is new topic of this site, People of all ages and traditions around the world are quite familiar with the term called ‘COMPUTER.’ However, not all know exactly what a computer is meant to do and what exactly is meant by a computer. In simpler terms the computer is a mechanical device… Read More »

CBSE Full Form

CBSE Full Form is Central Board of Secondary Education. CBSE is a familiar to most students who studied through this syllabus or passed out Class X or Class XII. When expanded the CBSE term stands for ‘Central Board of Secondary Education.’ In other words the scholars who studied through this syllabus and passed out this exam are… Read More »

BPO Full Form

The BPO Full Form is stands for Business process Outsourcing. It is a technical form of word used for the procedure and other related aspects of the companies and business that deals in giving the contracts with the third parties and performs particular projects or process on their behalf. The term BPO is technically used… Read More »

LLB Full Form

You don’t know about LLB Full Form? The proper abbreviation of LB is Legum Baccalaureus, this is a Latin word. Because of this is a Plural word the actual abbreviation is created by the doubling of the first letter, hence this word has two L’s in it. The full form of LLB is the Bachelor… Read More »

NASA Full Form

NASA is a government agency that deals with space programs, aeronautics as well as aerospace research. This US Government Space Agency headquarters is located in Washington D.C. NASA sends space shuttles and scientists into the outer space to study the solar system. With this brief introduction on the meaning of NASA let us move on to… Read More »

GSM full form

GSM full form is (Global System for Mobile Communication) is the second generation of the standards of Digital Mobile Telephone which uses the variation of Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA). This GSM is the one of most used wireless networks in the leading networks CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), GSM and TDMA. This Global System for… Read More »

KFC Full Form

Are you know kfc full form or full form of kfc? Let us know about this. Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC is an American fast food restaurant with worldwide fame.  It has thousands of outlets all across the world and stands second in the list of top fast food restaurants.  It offers best… Read More »