LLB Full Form

By | February 15, 2017

You don’t know about LLB Full Form? The proper abbreviation of LB is Legum Baccalaureus, this is a Latin word. Because of this is a Plural word the actual abbreviation is created by the doubling of the first letter, hence this word has two L’s in it. The full form of LLB is the Bachelor of Laws, this is a course which can be seen with huge hype for the admissions of this course in India.

This LLB is an Undergraduate Degree in the stream of Law, which is firstly origined from England and is offered in the most common Law Jurisdictions. As per the History, Bachelor of Laws is the first name as the first degree in the Common Law in Canada.

This LLB, the Bachelors of law is also the first degree name in Scots Law and the South African Law, this has been awarded by a number of the Universities in both the Scotland and South Africa. This Bachelors degree,

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 LLB Full Form

LLB Full Form

So LLB Full Form is Bachelors of Law, Bachelors of Law was firstly originated from the University of Paris, in which whose system can be seen as the system which was implemented at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. As per the Continental Europe, this Bachelor Degree was termed out in the early of 18th century and in the 19th century, later it was continued at Oxford University and Cambridge University.

If it is observed through the last couple of years it can be witnessed that there is a huge growth for the admissions of this course in India. If we concern about the admission of this course in India it will tell us about the hype for this course. LLB is the full form of Bachelor of laws and it can be seen that this course is available in numerous colleges around India and there is a huge demand for this Course in India.

LLB Full Form

LLB Courses and Admissions

This LLB, Bachelors of Law is offering a 3 year LLB Course or a Five year integrated course for the candidates who are interested to join in the course. It is only the candidate’s choice to join in the three year LLB course or the five years integrated LLB course.

To get the admission to join in one of the coursed in LLB, the candidates should appear for the CLAT (Combined Law Admission Test) which is the exam basing on the General Knowledge and the country affairs. This exam has only the content of the legal aptitude, logical skills, general English and with some General Knowledge questions that will be asked in the test.

It will take the hard preparation for the candidates to appear in the examination by preparing all the related topics for the entrance Combined Law Admission Test. It is recommended to the candidates who are willing to join in the LLB course that the integrated five years course is the best choice, if the candidate already has any other degree course like the masters, Mphil or the phD. In general the candidates who want to pursue the three year LLB course, which would cost around 25 to 30k, so it’s better to take the integrated five year course.

Top LLB Colleges in India

The LLB is most sought after the top Law Institutions in India which includes the National law School of India, The Bangalore University, ILS College of Pune, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi in Delhi, Government Law College in Mumbai are some of the top law colleges and there are also some more better colleges available in India. This Law career offers the different choices for the career of the candidates.

This course will offer two streams either a Civil Lawyer or Criminal Lawyer. If we are talking about the Criminal lawyer, it is the course that deals with the study of Criminal laws and handling of the criminal cases.

On the other side the Civil law deals with the excise department, marital issues and some related issues rather than the Criminal cases. This LLB will also offer to work as the legal advisor or the legal consultant under any organization. This LLB can lead the candidate to take the challenging Legal Journalism career option which will be in the Journalism side, this will let us to cover the arbitration courts.

This LLB offers many courses and many posts under it, as it provides two courses Civil and the Criminal. This will post us either in the Civil Sector where the excise and the legal works will take and on the other side the Criminal is about the crimes and the cases.

Another side is available with the legal Journalism where it will allow covering the various sector of courts. This will also offer to work as the legal advisor under the corporate sector which offers them about the consultancy against the legal obligations and duties.

Along with the above given options, there are also several options in gaining this course. This will let to be the Government lawyer or a legal analyst under any government sector office. The respective lawyer will be appointed as the legal analyst under any Government sector who will take over all their cases and deals with all the legal issues in that specific organization. By pursuing this course there may be chances to become the Document drafting lawyer and some more positions that cannot be considered as the real posts also.

By going with the Criminal side the candidate should go about the Criminal cases which includes violence and by going on to the civil cases, it deals with the civil issues and about the martial issues of the people. The married couple problems will be cleared under the guidance of court in these civil cases.

It can be seen that there are several companies and organizations that are growing firms with bigger like Khaitan & Co, singhania & partners, Titus & Co which will offer the immense opportunities for learning about the knowledge and growing the career. This choice of choosing Law career is a smart choice, if you have the required skills and interest to gain the Knowledge which is in this course.

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